Served in the navy in WWII.

Wife Mona (Slattery’s real-life wife Talia Balsam), whose mother lives in Montclair, NJ.

Daughter Margaret (Elizabeth Rice). is age 16 in Ladies Room, so born around 1943. She sees a psychiatrist because she wouldn’t get out of bed. She’s dated two boys; one joined the service, the other committed suicide.

Roger had nannies as a child; Belva (Belvedere), before that; a round-faced German girl with enormous bosoms. Parents got rid of her after the Lindbergh baby (1932).

Roger had a heart attack on September 2, 1960, and another one in early October.

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  1. mellifera Says:

    Talia Balsam indeed looks younger than her years, but Margaret, not Mona, is 16 in Ladies Room…

    also, it’s Montclair, NJ

  2. Roberta Lipp Says:

    Seriously, I was so tired. Both are typos… I live five minutes from Montclair.

  3. mellifera Says:

    super sorry if i sounded snide or obnoxious…i’ve had waaaay too much caffeine today and am in editrix mode at work…the new layout looks AWESOME, by the way…well done, ladies…

  4. Roberta Lipp Says:

    Mell, no, not at all. And PS, I’m gonna pull the comment about Rachel. It’s not a bio-addendum, it’s a post, and one that I’ll put on my to-do list.

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