Lives in Ossining, NY, with his wife Betty and their two children, Sally and Robert.

He had an affair with graphic artist Midge Daniels. Conversation indicated it had gone on for about five years. They ended it in the summer of 1960.

Met and fell for Rachel Menken in March/April 1960. Began a passionate relationship over Labor Day weekend, 1960. She broke it off in early November of 1960, around Election Day.

Don’s first advertising job was in-house for a furrier (where he met Betty on a modeling job; Don the copy writer, Betty the model) (His boss at the furrier was Teddy, an old Greek writer.)

Dick Whitman was the child of a prostitute who died in childbirth, having him. He was raised by his father Archie, a drunk, and his wife Abigail. They had a son, Adam, when Dick was around 8-10 (?). Archie died from being kicked in the face by a horse, and Abigail soon remarried. (Uncle Mack?)

Abigail died years later of stomach cancer, and Uncle Mack died as well.

Dick joined the army and served in Korea, where he switched dog tags with his senior officer, Don Draper, immediately after Draper died in an explosion.

His half-brother Adam believed him to be dead until spring of 1960, when he spotted a story (with photo) about Don Draper in Advertising Age, and sought him out. Adam was working as a janitor at American Calculator in the Empire State Building, and lived in a single room occupancy (SRO), which he hoped was temporary. In October of 1960 he hung himself in the SRO.

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  1. hullaballoo Says:

    The NvK script indicates that Dick/Don is 23 in 1950 (Korean War flashback), and 33 in 1960. This seems to be about the oldest he could be to have missed serving in WWII–even at the tail end of it. So, Don born in 1927?

  2. hullaballoo Says:

    Okay, the Advertising Age supplement says that Dick/Don is 36, not 33. Would that be at the time of season 2 or season 1? 36 in 1960 makes him well old enough to have served in WWII–and for more than just the tail end of the War. Did he get some kind of farm deferment? Why was he then allowed to go to Korea? Wouldn’t the same deferment be in effect?

  3. Deborah Lipp Says:

    The Ad Age supplement is explicitly 1960. Roberta has been working on a post about this…

  4. Roberta Lipp Says:

    I have?

    Oh, about the timing stuff… yeah, it’s a clusterfuck.

    I thought you meant the Ad Age thing. ‘Cause, not.

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