Lucky Strike
Bethlehem Steel
Right Guard
Menken’s Department Store
Nixon for President (Not a client. SC worked on spec and were never hired.)
Liberty Capital Bank
Olympic Cruise Lines and Israel Board of Tourism (pitched; McCann-Erickson got it)
Rio de Janeiro tourism (“Jesus Over Rio”)
Snyder’s Ketchup
Secor Laxative
Dr. Scholl’s (until Long Weekend)
Utz Potato Chips
Double Sided Aluminum

Firestone comps were being worked on in Hobo Code; that was probably for a new business pitch, but in Indian Summer, we learn that we got the P.E.R. (passive exercise regime); invented by Mr. Martin Buchwald, the future Relax-i-cisor from Compton as trade for throwing them Firestone, because it was a conflict with Goodyear.

[SEE ALSO: The Ad Age supplement with a page of clients]

2 Responses to “Clients”

  1. hullaballoo Says:

    Snyder’s are the ketchup people, and I believe Duck Phillips said that Maytag was also a client. And don’t forget Clearasil. And the Ad Age supplement (which was developed in conjunction with Mattew Weiner, so I assume it’s correct) also lists Chiquita Bananas.

  2. Roberta Lipp Says:

    Yeah I don’t know where those bananas come into it. I’m looking at the ad in Ad Age right now (I’m no longer in literal advertising, but I still have lots of friends!) and I think that Chiquita thing is made up. The ad is real, but I never heard it mentioned.

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