Born approx 1932.

Has two children, Sally and Robert.

Her mother died early 1960 (approximately 3 months before Ladies Room).

Betty’s father, Gene Driscoll, (Ryan Catrona) has a girlfriend, Gloria (Darcy Shean). Gene has diabetes. He has a house (presumably has had it for many years) in Cape May.

Starting seeing Dr. Wayne, a psychiatrist, in spring of 1960, because her hands were going inexplicably numb.

Her brother is William, has a wife and unruly children.

There was a Grandpa Herman who woke up with a cold leg (had diabetes? lost his leg).

Graduated from Bryn Mawr. Spent the summer after graduation in Italy. Began modeling that summer, with a designer named Giovanni, (wanted to be called Johnny).

Then modeled in Manhattan, which is how she met Don.

Betty’s first kiss was with a Jewish boy named David Rosenberg.

Betty had a schoolgirl friend named Deidre Shaw.