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Deborah and Roberta Lipp are writers, bloggers, and sisters who love to think deep thoughts about smart television. And Mad Men is as smart as they come.

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Roberta, Matt Weiner, Deborah
Bloggers Roberta Lipp (left) and Deborah Lipp (right) with Mad Men creator Matt Weiner (center).

18 Responses to “About”

  1. grinbear Says:

    Aarroo! That’s what my dog, Wayman Wynn says, when it’s time to watch MM… We’ve watched from the beginning, and I can’t recall another TV show (maybe Star Trek), where I would always watch the encore, right after the first show.
    Thanks for this blog. You guys are as nuts as I am…

  2. dwhitehead Says:

    I love the idea of a Mad Men blog. As much as I love good drama, its the fact that Mad Men gives us a glimpse of how our consumer culture began that interests me. I see Betty’s psychosis as a consequence of the world her husband is creating. I see Don as the (1960) modern day “everyman” in that he’s trying to be the image that he conveys. Plus, its probably the most realistic show about the early 60’s that’s been made.

  3. Deborah Lipp Says:


  4. Roberta Lipp Says:

    It is fascinating… Don is extreme, what with his background and secrets, but those extremes are also used metaphorically to juxtapose how normal he seems and, as an extension, how normal and uncomplicated they all seem at first glance. Don, the ad man, the man in charge of creating this fantasy… for himself, and for all of them. Us. Betty is cracking under the pressure of it. For her own reasons, she has needed to fit more precisely into the mold than even her peers, and this has only worsened in a marriage where Don needs her to NEVER crack that veneer, because it threatens his.
    Love this show, love this show, la la la…

  5. Roberta and Deborah.

    My name is Clayton Neuman, I’m the editor of’s new community site. We’re initiating an ongoing feature where we profile our favorite websites devoted to various categories, one of which is Mad Men. Would you both be interested in talking to me for a few minutes tomorrow about your site, so we can feature it on ours?

    Let me know–my e-mail is



  6. Brigitte Says:

    Love your blog! I can’t wait for Season 2 to start. Do you ladies have any idea when we can expect to see the season premiere? Thanks!

  7. Deborah Lipp Says:

    June. Don’t have an exact date, but June.

  8. Byron Says:


    We saw you yesterday at the Burns Center talk with Matthew Weiner.

    It seems like you know the show better than I ever will; but i sort of wanted to ask him how Don ever came to marry Betty. Betty seems so simple and he is unsatisfied by her. I think it’s because he fabricated his post Korea life and she fit the stereotype of the perfect late 50s housewife.

    What do you think>


  9. Roberta Lipp Says:

    Byron, hi, thanks for hanging with us in here… did we meet you yesterday?

    Meantime, tired. Very tired. Gimme a day or two ’cause my answer to your question needs to be a post.

  10. Gérald Says:

    Here is the Facebook Group of MadMen :

    Thanks to broadcast.

  11. Joe Bua Says:

    Look at your fabulousness!!!

    And great company you’re keeping.

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