Collection Basket–BoK posts this week

Kisses on the Lipps

  • Well, I’m always linking to BoK, but I don’t think that counts.
  • Gatsbyfan at livejournal loves Mad Men, Mo Ryan, and now Basket of Kisses.
  • That’s about it for this week. There’s been whole lot of off-line love, so we’re not complaining.

Behind the Scenes at BoK

  • Yeah. So, turns out I’m having dreams about deleted scenes.
  • There was a grand and fabulous re-skin. Which failed. And now there’s a new skin. Basketcases, just so you know, Deb and I are not just sitting idly by. (Ooh! Sitting Idly By is a great name for a TV blog!) Anyway, wait for it. There will be a Next.
  • Oh and on the new skin, let’s give Deb some props for her Mad photoshop skills. That photo was originally a closeup of the two of them, plus there was a guy in the doorway. Now it’s panoramic, and the guy is gone, and the streamer come all the way down the doorway where the guy used to block it.
  • There was also a launch of a grand and fabulous show bible. Which did not fail.
  • I am in the prime location for Mad Men paraphernalia, because the Season Two campaign is Grand Central Station themed, and I work on the next block. So I got to post a picture of me by a poster literally on my corner, and then more posters of the exquisite subway wrap.
  • Because of all the DVD excitement and so much to talk about, we set up a separate page just for the DVD. Go. Discuss.

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