Mo Ryan, the Chicago Tribune’s Watcher, has promo pictures up from season 2 (promo as in, they’re all standing there posing for the camera, not a shot of an episode). She also reviews the DVDs and reminisces about season 1:

The word that kept coming to mind as I watched the show again was “ambiguity.” Where the show truly shines is in putting its characters in situations that provoke a multitude of responses, some of them contradictory. Even though Weiner and the outstanding cast gave us good ideas of who these people were, sometimes what they said or did was shocking – but believable too.

Amazing picture #1
Look who got stylish!

We didn’t see this in the first season 2 photos, and of course Peggy just didn’t jettison her old wardrobe; bad enough she had to buy a wardrobe of “fat suits.” But I love how much she looks like Basketeer Eme’s description of a “career girl” of the era: Pearls, hair back.

Amazing picture #2

Okay, no pearls, and that may be a ponytail, but dig them crazy shoes! And a color! A bright color! I am so in love with Peggy right now.

Pretty good picture #3

Roger and Don still work there. Whatever.

Added: Scroll all the way to the bottom, and there’s another picture of Peggy in the checked dress, and a picture of Betty in a fab new sweater that I want.