The limited edition packaging is cool. I was afraid it would be cardboard. There’s an insert with a discount code for the Zippo lighter, and an insert giving a summary of what’s on each disc (but not which episode has which commentary).

Overall: My Gods, what a robust package!

Disc One opens with the 10 second JWT spot, and then an AMC commercial for Season 2. Then the menu has the famous silhouette with scenes from Smoke Gets in Your Eyes playing kinda translucent in the area that’s normally white and blank. The fade to the next menu item (such as special features or episode list) is cigarette smoke.

I expected to select an episode and then turn commentary on or off, but no! The episode starts right away. Instead, you have to go to special features to see a list of commentaries.

Details below the fold:
Disc One:
Scoring Mad Men
Mad Men Music Sampler
Season 2 Preview
Commentary 1 for Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: Matt Weiner
Commentary 2 for Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: Alan Taylor
Commentary 1 for Ladies Room: January Jones and Rosemarie DeWitt
Commentary 2 for Ladies Room: Michael Gladis and Elisabeth Moss
Commentary for Marriage of Figaro: Jon Hamm, Maggie Siff, and Darby Stanchfield

Disc Two
The clips shown over the menu are from Babylon this time.
Advertising the American Dream
Pictures of Elegance (an “interactive gallery”)
Commentary for New Amsterdam: Vincent Kartheiser, Alison Brie, and Lisa Albert
Commentary 1 for 5G: Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss, and Aaron Staton
Commentary 2 for 5G: Lesli Linka Glatter
Commentary 1 for Babylon: Christina Hendricks and Maria & André Jacquemetton
Commentary 2 for Babylon: Andrew Bernstein

Disc Three
Menu clips from Shoot
Establishing Mad Men
Commentary 1 for Red in the Face: January Jones, John Slattery, Jon Hamm, and Vincent Kartheiser
Commentary 2 for Red in the Face: Tim Hunter
Commentary 1 for The Hobo Code: Vincent Kartheiser, Elisabeth Moss, and Bryan Batt
Commentary 2 for The Hobo Code: Phil Abraham
Commentary 1 for Shoot: Janie Bryant and Matt Weiner
Commentary 2 for Shoot: Dan Bishop

Disc Four
Menu clips from Nixon vs. Kennedy
Commentary 1 for Long Weekend: Christina Hendricks and Matt Weiner
Commentary 2 for Long Weekend: Tim Hunter and David Carbonara
Commentary for Indian Summer: Elisabeth Moss and Matt Weiner
Commentary 1 for Nixon vs. Kennedy: Jon Hamm, Vincent Kartheiser, and Rich Sommer
Commentary 2 for Nixon vs. Kennedy: Alan Taylor and Matt Weiner
Commentary 1 for The Wheel: Jon Hamm, January Jones, and Elisabeth Moss
Commentary 2 for The Wheel: Matt Weiner, Robin Veith, and Malcolm Jamieson