Woo hoo!

We’ve been planning this for months. Hope you like it (and I’m sure you’ll let us know in comments). The new “skin” and some new features. The original idea was to launch in conjunction with the season 2 premiere: Introduce the new look on July 27. But (a) we were too excited to wait, and (b) we’ll have plenty to talk about on July 27, who’s gonna care about a little cosmetic change when we’ve got new Mad Men to discuss?

Anyway, the new layout lets us be a little more creative visually. The visuals are mostly me (I’m kinda proud of the header). Roberta’s fantabulous contribution is the new Show Bible. The page is self-explanatory; a central location for information on characters and events. Kinda the MMdb, and very much a work in progress.

Soon, of course, there will be a Season 2 Episode List page, and full episode recaps as fast as we can manage it. Recently (if you didn’t notice), I upgraded the Episode List page so that every episode has a link, not just to the recap, but to that episode’s Quotations section.

We have other plans, but if we tell you about them, then when we don’t get around to them promptly you’ll complain. This way, you’ll just be delighted whenever they show up.

And if you have a Basket of Kisses “wish list,” let us know.