(Or, A Blog is Born.)


So, I’m a little uncomfortable with this, because it may be crossing over into narcissistic. But I was over in TV Squad. TV Squad’s Bob Sassone has been a fan of and written about Mad Men since the beginning, and I used to follow his write-ups and comment. The show finally has its own category on the site, and Bob is now a reader of ours as well. (And watch for an interview over there with Rich Sommer in a few weeks. We’ll let you know.)

The thing about Basket of Kisses, as you basketcases know, is that we started it after Season One had aired. Pretty much, right after. The first post was basically Peggy? WTF??? only with a better title.

(Actually, pretty funny. I just glanced over at that first post so I could put in the hyperlink, and I absolutely ask the spelled out version of WTF. I am very freaking consistent.)

Okay so my point, and I will make one, and it in fact ties in with my being consistent… it turns out that looking at my profile page in TV Squad, I can (and now, so can you) view all my comments in one place. So, kind of mini-write-ups/reactions to S1 in progress.

Some of what I’d written are thoughts that I eventually turned into posts here, or talked about in our discussions, at least one is something I’ve still been meaning to write about, some are insights that got lost as more stimuli came into play, and some are predictions, right and wrong. It was interesting, for me at least, to have a look back at my discovery process of this splendid series. Oh and uh… at some point I refer to Don and Betsy. He does call her Bets from time to time, but still. I was so young then (sigh).

On Marriage of Figaro:

I wondered about the Dick Whitman, if it was a real secret past or metaphorical. Now that you guys have cleared that up, what is the meaning? That he feels so removed from his current life that he may as well have a secret identity? That he also feels so removed from his past that he may as well have been someone else? To me, Don’s biggest symptom of depression is an experience of disconnect; not just feeling different from other people, but I get a sense that there is a fog around him. And I think the scene on the train shows him succumbing to the fog… he doesn’t know this guy, but he can’t bring himself to address it. And if he had known the guy, he’d have reacted the same way. That was the purpose, I feel, of having the scene be deliberately confusing to the viewers.

Emphasis mine. “Now that you guys have cleared that up” sounds like commenters confirmed that there was NOT a secret identity, but I went and checked, and they actually confirmed that there WAS. So either I wrote the whole thing unclearly, or I misunderstood what I was reading back then. But the whole Don is depressed and in a fog thing… I was focused on that for weeks and weeks, and have since forgotten all about it.

Anyway, if you do check it out, keep in mind that these are comments, and as such, may be referring to other comments. And there’s one or two in there that are not from Mad Men (like my attack on Grey’s Anatomy’s crappy writing, and my disappointment with the Riches (a show I have since dropped), which is actually what got me over to TV Squad in the first place.