Last night I dreamed I was watching my new DVD and saw a scene I didn’t recognize.

This is killing me. Because there was a whole scene in my dream, and had I woken up then, I could have described it perfectly. When I was dreaming it, it made perfect sense… like, it fit in between the storyline. Like, for example, a scene where Harry came home and had a fight with Jennifer and she threw him out. Only that wasn’t it.

All I remember is it took place in the office. And that it definitely fit in with the existing episode. And that it was late in the season, like the Harry/Jennifer scenario.

Now, it’s possible that, had I the opportunity to accurately describe the scene, it would make no sense at all, but we won’t know that, cause of how I can’t remember anything else.

What I do remember is that I was outraged at AMC. ‘Cause it turned out there were other edited (not deleted mind you, but edited) scenes that were missing. But I was also excited because I could now see them.

So I think the main thing we’ve learned here is… I might be fucking nuts.