Collection Basket–BoK posts this week

  • We started a countdown.
  • We are sharing our Season Two fantasies.
  • Look. It’s been an unusual week here at the Basket. We posted for the healing of a little girl; our friend, Orien Rose. Many times. And you guys were rock stars. Thank you.
  • But also? The New York Times was also a rock star. Chock full o’Mad Men, and tipped us off to so many S2 promotional goings on. Honestly? There was so much happening that Deb had to do a mid-week round up. And then we went and posted images from the beautiful Advertising Age insert as well!
  • In the meantime, we managed to have an interesting discussion around the topic of Peggy’s gradual change from a girl who can have a good time into All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy.
  • Know-it-alls are annoying? Not so much.
  • Deb Bond-blogged about 1962 & Dr. No

Kisses on the Lipps

  • A blog called Beyond the Roots of Lounge linked to BoK, having the nerve to call us ‘obsessed sisters’. I mean okay, hard to argue, countdown, fine, Season Two fantasies, okay, but still. I’m not 100% sure what this blog is about (and the ‘about’ section was not functioning) but it seems to be sorting out culture from pop culture, and seems to like Mad Men a lot.
  • Maureen Ryan of the Watcher offers a piece on S2 photos, and while she’s at it, gives us mad props. No pun intended.
  • And just, y’know, a shout out. So many of you posted for Orien Rose and linked back to us. This little section is self-aggrandizing by its very structure, it would be uncool to take credit, somehow, for these individual links back to us when it ain’t about us. Thank you, thank you, thank you all. And to the many people who corresponded with us about this privately. I spoke to her last night, and she goes home today. Thank you. Thank you.
  • GALACTICA SITREP strays way off-topic, (’cause we’ve never done that!) to talk about S2 of MM, and post all them cool videos. And not just because she they loves us, but because we’re cool, (??) we get a sweet mention. (Okay, I have been corrected. Because I thought it was our pal Erica who wrote it, and I thought that because I didn’t do that thing where you look at the author. But the lovely and talented Logan Gawain wrote me and gently corrected me.)

Behind the Scenes at BoK

From the Watcher, one more photo we hadn’t yet unearthed. Below the fold…