What They\'re Saying
This one’s cool—it intersperses Mad Men quotes with real quotes (and continues longer than a clear screen capture can show).

There are several side-by-side comparisons like this one (click to enlarge).

Prime Time TV 1960

This one is also a side-by-side, with 2006–2007 season included. But I just love seeing what people were watching. Father Knows Best!

Sterling Cooper Clients

This is an excellent full-page piece (click to enlarge), because at first glance it looks period, but is actually about the show. The rest of the ads shown are Goodyear (agency of record: Young & Rubicam—which is now Y&R), Lucky Strike (agency of record: Batten, Barton, Durstine, & Osborn—now BBDO), Gillette Right Guard (agency of record: Maxon Inc.), Chiquita (agency of record: Young & Rubicam), and Clearasil (agency of record: Lennen & Newell).