Okay, first, they redid the Mad Men front page with a brand new, absolutely awesome picture. Mama may have a new wallpaper right there.

Then, click said awesomeness to get season 2 trailers with real life season 2 clippage.

Trailer one:
“Sex sells.”

Betty in lingerie! Oh yes it does.

Joan making out with a young man.

Trailer two:
Season 1 clips, and man that’s some awesome music.

Trailer three:
Roberta told me about this one. Wow, that’s some impact. The clips are all season 2, the music is powerful, the captions are stunning.

Trailer four:
More season one clips, all smoky and sexy, more great music, and chilling tag line.

Trailer five:
Very interesting. Shots from s2 with voiceovers from s1, so that the characters appear to be remembering things they once said.

Trailer six:
Amazing interspersing of the Carousel presentation from the end of The Wheel with Don’s own nostalgia (all season 1).

Holy cow! AMC got something right?