We thank you all. This is wonderful.

Here, again, is the blog about Orien Rose. All contact information is on the righthand side.

Now here’s a thing; Blogger has screwed up Christine’s account. She can’t access the above-linked blog to update it. (Doesn’t affect donations.) So to see today’s latest, go to the New Orien Rose Blog.

Anyway, here, specifically, is how to donate:

Many have asked if there was a way to donate money to aid Orien Rose (Moonfinder) and her family.
Checks can be made out to: Friends of Orien Rose Laplante, c/o Key Bank, 1031 Route 17K, Montgomery, NY 12549

Or, there is also a dedicated Paypal account setup specifically for her if you wish to contribute.

Click on the PayPal logo below. This will take you to PayPal’s website. Once you are on the PayPal website click on “Send Money” and send to this email address:


Except I don’t have the paypal link. So you need to go back to her blog and scroll way down and click the icon.

Or, just go to Paypal and enter the above email as the place to donate.