Who’s talking about Mad Men:

  • Mad Men failed to win the NewNowNext award for which it was nominated. It’s possible that my extremely snarky write-up of their nominations had something to do with it, but I dunno, doubt it. MM was nominated for Best Show You’re Not Watching; the “Nexty” went to The Sarah Silverman Program, and the Audience Choice went to Torchwood (which I hear is great, but Optimum Io doesn’t carry BBCA).
  • Frazier Moore has a feature over (and I mean, waaay over!) at the New Zealand Herald. I really like all these articles about this ‘new show’. Here at the Basket we are so inside it all, but as this thing is rolling out internationally, we are ongoingly reminded of how innovative the premise (and the execution of the premise) is.

    But the charm of this series is that it doesn’t treat 1960 as a quaint aberration. Instead, Mad Men provides an unexpected window on America in 2007. It’s a contemporary series, purposefully unfolding at a half-century remove.

  • AMC has two new dramas in development for 2009, and Variety mentions fall pilots as well. Of course, Mad Men is mentioned as the reason for this sudden surge in creativity.
    “Carter Beats the Devil,” penned by Wesley Strick (“Mission: Impossible 2”), is based on the fanciful novel about 1920s magician Charles Carter and his role in the death of President Warren Harding. “Ice,” written by Christian Darren (“Hustle: The Pete Rose Story”), revolves around a family in New York’s diamond district.

    The two projects mark a new round of development at the cabler, which has quickly made waves in the original series world thanks to critically acclaimed entries “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad.”

  • The Denver Post calls MM “the most riveting series to debut in the last year.”
  • The Peabody Awards ceremony was Monday, June 17, and the Mad Men crew was there to receive their honors. Multichannel has a write-up and a photo gallery.
  • From Rondi comes this story of a New Zealand Mad Men billboard gone wrong:

    One billboard in Wakefield St, Wellington, and two in Auckland were removed
    yesterday after going up on Tuesday. The billboards were for Madmen [sic]: The Glory Years of Advertising, due out at the end of the month, and bore the slogan: “Advertising Agency Seeks: Clients. All business considered, even from Jews.”

    Oh. My. Gods. Whoever designed that campaign needs some serious firing. Rondi argues that people need to understand the show, and then the context would make sense. Hello? Ad campaigns are to bring in new viewers, a.k.a. people who don’t understand the show. Firing, I tell you.

  • The Watcher (Michael Hewitt) proclaims July the best month for television. Mad Men is his #1 reason why:

    Here’s more proof of how upside-down the TV world has become in the past five years: July looks like the best month of 2008.

    The Watcher counts at least six shows starting next month that we actually want to watch and a handful more that we don’t mind.

  • Rolling Stone chats with Matt Weiner. It’s already come up in comments here, but I finally found the link so you can see it for yourself.