Roberta and I have been keeping a folder of potential anachronisms. It’s a very well-written show, of course, and therefore a very small folder. Here’s what we’ve got:

In 5G, Midge says to Don:

It must be so intense above 14th Street.

That strikes me as something we didn’t start saying until the 1980s. Calling things “intense” sounds kinda druggy/trippy; maybe mid-70s but I don’t believe earlier. I’m interested in any memories of the usage of this word in that way. Anyone?

In Red in the Face, there are two military phrases. First Betty says to Francine,

You’re my friend, are you here to do recon?

Later, after Roger throws up, Bert Cooper says to the Nixon guys,

Let’s let Roger regroup.

“Regroup” in particular sounds a little off for 1960, not something you’d say about one person. I’m guessing here, I’m not a linguist and I wasn’t alive at the time.