My lovely sister Roberta got me a cool Mad Men magazine ad off e-bay as a birthday present. When she gave it to me, a 50% off coupon for Michael’s had just expired, so I’ve been driving around with it in its protective packaging waiting for the next coupon. When I got home from my trip and looked through my mail, there was the coupon.

So today I went to Michael’s and picked out a frame. I always bring pictures with me when I do that, and it’s always awkward, juggling the picture, getting it in and out of whatever I’m protecting it in, and frames are large and awkward and there’s glass and it’s all very high risk.


I’m at checkout, all awkward and juggling my things, and the woman behind me says, “Does that say ‘Mad Men’?” Why yes, yes it does. “Wasn’t it cancelled?” Absolutely not, and in fact, here’s my card. This woman does not appear to be very ‘net savvy, and I briefly explain what our blog is about, and she’s HUGE excited, especially because I’m able to give her the premiere date, and I say it’s the best show on television, and the woman behind her starts nodding and smiling, and she notices and says “Get another card out” and now we all have cards and it’s one big happy Mad Men family.