Did you miss me? Roberta did. I left her with managing the news feed, which is normally my job, and of course it was a super-busy week. On the bright side, she got to go to Bloomie’s and I didn’t, so there you are. (I mean, I could. Manhattan isn’t exactly far. But she actually works there so it’s easier for her.)

Also, I’m very proud of Roberta for not hijacking the blog for nephew pictures. Especially since we have a brand new, newborn nephew. Who is really cute. Just sayin’.

I had a great time. I’m very relaxed. My son got his first tattoo and enrolled in all his fall college classes. I have sun poisoning (Every. Damn. Summer.).

I spoke with a lot of friends and acquaintances about Basket of Kisses and about Mad Men, and it’s more or less what I expected, maybe worse; fewer than half had heard of the show, and none had seen it. Now, I didn’t want to be seen to be recruiting, but I witnessed, if you know what I mean. AMC really has their work cut out.

Anyway, more than 80 articles were sitting in my newsfeeder when I got home last night, so I have my work cut out for me.