Last week we started a weekly newslink-a-round. rama. thing. So let’s do it again.

Plenty more this week on Mad Men getting more exposure in Canada:

  • The London Free Press did a story announcing the premiere of Mad Men on the more widespread (in Canada) CTV. The article features lots of Jon Hamm quotage:

    My character falls in the middle of two generations,” Hamm said. “He’s not quite from the World War II generation and that sort of patriarchal, older crew, but he’s not so much with the younger, hipper guys, either.

  • The Gazette loves it, calling it “ferocious, wise and witty entertainment”.
  • Ottawa Citizen gives Mad Men its props, while recycling the Weiner quote

    “I looked at these guys,” Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner explained, “at this world, these men who were overpaid and drank too much and smoked too much and were glib and cynical and bit the hand that fed them and showed up late and had no respect for authority, and I thought: ‘These are my heroes.'”

  • (an extension of a Canadian TV network) will be streaming Season One
  • TV Guy at did a writeup of the Wire and Mad Men (a lot of folks are grouping these two together, as they are critics top two favorites).

    Mad Men toils in relative obscurity on AMC, the cable network formerly known as American Movie Classics, but it has already caught that rare cultural lightning in a bottle. …it is at the beginning of what appears will be a very long broadcast run.

While here in the states:

  • Amelia over at the Frisky just felt like talking about how much she likes Mad Men. We empathize. I think Joan gives her the gay feelings. I empathize.
  • Amy Kane at posted a feature on her (and everyone’s) tingly anticipation over Season Two.
  • The Seattle Times mentions Mad Men in its headline as they report the upcoming Television Critics Awards
  • Variety did a really nice feature on the show. Go take a look at what Jon Weisman considers the best episode, the most underrated character, and a “great line”. Fun Weiner quotes as well.
  • See? Mad Men and the Wire, perfect together.
  • Wow!!! Bloomingdale’s key location in Manhattan has an amazing Mad Men window theme!
  • Hollywood Reporter talks about cable dramas being the new be all/end all, and talks a lot about Mad Men. Only the article refers to it as “Mad”. Three times, “Mad”. Awesome dumb.

And hey, in print!

  • I caught a piece in Entertainment Weekly where ‘Ken’ and ‘Gillian’ had Mad Men Emmy projections. (Sorry I don’t have their last names; I left the ‘zine in the doctor’s office where I found it after scribbling down some notes.) Ken said, in regards to Best Supporting Actor in a Drama, that one of the guys from the Wire

    …could be nominated among inevitables like Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm…

    (emphasis all mine!) And for Best Supporting Actor,

    …the standout guy in Mad Men is John Slattery’s amoral silver-fox ad exec.

    AND Gillian says, re Supporting,

    For my Mad man… I vote for Vincent Kartheiser’s slippery young exec, Pete Campbell: greasy on the outside–slimy, insecure on the inside!