One thing that knocks me out on this show is the class distinctions.

Top of the list and most obvious (set up in the very first scene of the series) is white/black. The only blacks ever seen in the series, to date, have been in service roles; the busboy, elevator operator, household help, etc.

And the Jews… that’s almost a whole different hierarchy.

The women. It’s right there within that first conversation in Smoke, between Don and the busboy… Ladies love their magazines. And they both laugh; white and black, at the silly ladies and their silly magazines.

But what fascinates me is the secretaries.

In New Amsterdam, Don and Peggy walk by, and Pete introduces Trudy to Don only. After a minute, which is clearly long enough for the opportunity to have been introduced has clearly come and gone, Peggy gives a little ‘nice to not quite meet you wave’ to Trudy as she walks away. Neither Don nor Pete (nor probably Trudy) (and really, nor probably Peggy) considered it. She probably would not have been impacted by it at all, had it not been for her affair with Pete.

In 5G, Betty meets Peggy. She greets her with, You must be Peggy and is actually quite cordial to her, (they’ve spoken on the phone) and Betty even introduces the children by name. (Children and their placement on the social totem pole is a whole other thing.) (Okay so then poor Peggy does her tap dance, praying Don will return to the office soon. Oh, the good times.) Once Don is back and the family leaves, Peggy says Nice to meet you, and Betty smiles but says nothing.

The whole thing freaks me out, to be honest.