So, here’s what’s going on. We got contacted by someone from AMC (who did not suck in the least, despite all we’ve said about them) regarding some Season Two photos we posted. In our analysis of the photos, we drew some conclusions. Those conclusions were on the cusp of spoilers.

So we pulled them. And we could have pulled them and not mentioned, but you guys are ridiculously smart, and catch, well, everything, and we did not want you not to trust us.

We don’t feel that we trespassed any boundaries. And in fact, having just posted our spoiler policy, we hope you know that we take this stuff seriously.

But we were asked, and asked nicely, to remove them. We don’t want to hurt the show or its viewers. Again, we really don’t think we did, but people are upset; nice, wonderful people who give us this show that we love.

And so, to give the love back, we pulled the photos.

Sincerest kisses–

the Lipp sisters