Dear Readers,

So, Deb’s going away (in a few hours, so we may still hear from her), for the better part of the week. She will be leaving some writings ready for me to post, but ultimately, I will be manning the store. So like, watching the news, lovingly responding to comments, plus, I dunno, trying to write some shit.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but I’ve been incredibly busy at work lately. Crazy-ass busy. And starting this week, my department of three just became a department of two. And at some point this week my direct supervisor (one of the two that I just counted) is being put into a different position and someone is coming over from the other side (don’t ask) to take his place. Meet the new boss. So like, hectic. Stressful. Un-fun. And non-Basket-conducive.

So I ask in advance for you to bear with me.



P.S. I like presents. Pretty things, shiny, glittery things. They motivate me. Also back rubs. and production scripts. Okay thanks.