Welcome to our very first shiny coating of Lipp Gloss… a roundup of what’s been happening around here (the Basket), over the last week (in this case a week-ish; we’re keeping our options open), and also a quick look at who’s been talking about, linking about or even just thinking about the Lipps.

What we’ve been talking about
Thanks to all our brilliant commenters who challenge us and who keep the conversations going. Also, they send us cool stuff and links and tips!!! Thank you.

  • I revealed, admittedly to the soundtrack of some controversy, the episode title of Season Two, Episode One. Our reader Joy told us it is a title of one of those teen surf flicks, so Deb checked it out, and it turns out it is a 1964 film. Interesting…
  • We made some updates to the site, and instituted a BoK spoilers policy.
  • I got incredibly excited about my breakdown of the name Don Draper. And got all snotty with our first troll! Talked about the Dick Whitman name as well.
  • We talked about the Emmy buzz around Mad Men. A coupl’a times!
  • Canadian TV is breaking Mad.
  • Television Critics Awards were Mad Men flooded!
  • Matthew Weiner just keeps talking. We love that.
  • Deborah talked about Peggy and the history of the pill, and how it relates to Peggy’s ignorance. (and other pill-talk.)
  • We watched Kristin’s juicy goodness.
  • Deb also talked about Roger Sterling and how his entitlement and insecurity leave him with few options.
  • Kisses for the Lipps
    Thanks, everyone on the entire interwebs, for keeping us linked. Also, there’s plenty of folks giving us behind the scenes insidey stuff, and we can’t thank them by name, obviously, but like… thank you.

  • Joe Bua over at I Am A TV Junkie, A Blog For The Clicker Jockey, loves us, and the feeling is mutual. He shows us the love twice. He twice wrote about Mad Men this week. And no one gives us Mad props like BGUJ!
  • Greg Hughes at GJH did a piece on the season premiere, mostly using what we had posted, (which is totally fine, that’s what we do here in this bloggy world) and including a BoK link.
  • Petra (merlinmaus) announces the nomination of Mad Men for the 2008 Television Critics Association Awards for Mad Men and gives BoK full credit.
  • We got linked from vickyocean at live journal. It was on June 4th and now I can’t find it. Okay, I admit it. I don’t. get. livejournal. at all. But thanks for the shoutout, vo.
  • We’ll keep on keeping you posted!

    Glossy Kisses–

    Roberta and Deborah Lipp