This interview in The Montreal Gazette appears to be new; the quotes aren’t anything I’ve quoted before. They’re about season 1, which is just starting on Canadian TV.

“I looked at these guys,” Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner explained. “At this world, these men who were overpaid and drank too much and smoked too much and were glib and cynical and bit the hand that fed them and showed up late and had no respect for authority, and I thought: ‘These are my heroes.’ “

The Gazette loves Mad Men, and quotes Weiner extensively in between praising the series.

“The human experience does not change,” Weiner explained. “The rules change; the behaviour changes. But what we like, what we don’t like, our feelings, the things that move us and determine who we are, remain the same. My approach was to treat that world unsentimentally, as if it were happening now, today.”