Deborah and I had a brainstorming session… we normally don’t work that way, (in fact, usually it’s more like this), but we wanted to make sure that Basket of Kisses is ready for Season Two. Like, all these thoughts about Season One that we keep meaning to capture; we know that we will continue to discuss Season One episodes, but Season Two will give new perspective, and there are certain things we want to accomplish while Season One is still pristine.

So we’d like, been discussing the show and pulling up clips for hours. And I’m in the kitchen (hers) and I wish I could remember the train of thought that led me to… Matthew Weiner wouldn’t just randomly name a character as important as Don Draper. What does it mean?

Draper. He is a draper. He drapes himself in his disguise.

And… Don?

Holy fuck. He dons his drapery.

Kind of I ran (ran!) upstairs to tell my sister ’cause it was actually important.

There will be a Part 2, but for now…

The end by rkl.