In the EW article, Matt Weiner talked about how angry he was when Peggy’s pregnancy was spoiled before it aired.

We at Basket of Kisses love Matt Weiner. I mean like, love. Like a cartoon with hearts coming out of the eyes love. So his anger matters around here.

It’s not our intention to ruin anyone’s experience of the show, nor to bite the lovable hand that feeds us great television. We’re happy to publish scoops: Information that will be available to the public that we get first. Yippee scoops! We’re happy to speculate using said scoops, gleaning information from photos, cast announcements, and the like. It’s fun!

What we’re not going to do is publish scripts or script excerpts before they air (like we have access anyway). Had we known about Peggy’s pregnancy before The Wheel aired, nuh-uh, no way. But waaay before there were any spoilers available (and before we started BoK), people were wondering if Peggy was pregnant—it’s a thing people wonder when a woman gains weight. And wondering is totally okay.

As to post-airing spoiling, we’re all over that. Peggy was pregnant. Don Draper is really Dick Whitman. Joan is sleeping with Roger. Deal with it.

You may consider this Basket of Kisses Official Policy Unless We Change It™.

Added: We do not spoil other shows. This is “safe space” for discussing shows other than Mad Men. Let the House fanboards spoil House.