Not if she could help it.

Awhile ago we got into a feisty discussion about Rachel’s reaction to Don wanting to run away in NvK.

(And lately we’ve been so filled up with news and scoops. But we still love talking about the show!)

No. Something happened and, I want to go and I want you to come with me and I don’t want to come back.

What happened?

What does it matter, isn’t this what you want?…

…You want your children to go on without a father? You know how that felt.

Are you having an attack of conscience after all this?

No. I’m watching you talk because I feel I don’t know you.

You know more about me than anyone.

You won’t even tell me what happened.

And so I think this is where it begins.

In Don’s partial defense, I don’t think that he can physically speak the words (the answer to ‘what happened’.) But I think that his anger at Rachel serves to seal this window shut; I believe that Don doesn’t tell Rachel what happened. Ever. Regardless of how this scene turns out. They run off to Buenos Aires? She still never finds out why.

And subltely this relationship shifts from one of honesty-beyond-Don’s-wildest-imaginings to one where there are lies, mistrust and manipulations. Now Don has withheld from her once, and it is a big one, and she took it, and so he can withhold from her again.

(She didn’t take it, of course. That’s what makes Rachel Rachel, and not Betty.)

I’m not saying that Don ever had with Betty what he had with Rachel. But I stand by that Don and Betty do have a marriage. And that while, yes, Betty was absolutely perfect for Don on paper, he was also genuinely drawn to her. I think that at some point Don opened up to Betty, if simply by loving her, from a deeper place than he’d ever accessed prior.

Okay so maybe it wasn’t that deep a place. But remember, this is a guy who doesn’t believe in love. Love was invented by guys like him to sell nylons. And okay so maybe Betty was an easy mark; certainly she was easy to lie to and to withhold from. And let’s face it, Betty followed Don’s ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ rulebook. She married a man who won’t discuss his past. But now the lies, the withholding, and the anger at Betty if/when any of these things are challenged; these are all the fabric of the Drapers’ marriage.

Not only was Don angry and defensive with Rachel, but he was manipulative and mean. And we’d wanted to think Don would never treat Rachel this way. And now he has.

Are you having an attack of conscience after all this?