Roberta and I have been discussing this. (And hello, that means that the blog is not enough for us, we also talk about Mad Men.)

If you read a news story about a woman who didn’t know she was pregnant, maybe gives birth in a restroom somewhere, you think “psychotic break.” (Or maybe just “woo-woo nutbag.”) And the thing I’ve really disliked about this storyline is that I like Peggy; I even admire her. She’s fighting to become more than she is; “something she hasn’t seen.” She asks for the raise; asks awkwardly, but asks. She’s wrong about the radio voices, but handles it and moves forward. She doesn’t let Pete walk all over her. She’s intelligent and kind of fierce.

So, is she also crazy? I hate to think so.

She got on the pill. The doctor, who clearly wasn’t interested in her well-being or her reproductive health, didn’t tell her that the pill is not effective birth control right away. So she had no reason to believe she had unprotected sex. She didn’t gain weight in a typically pregnant fashion (round and tight and high in the belly, minimal weight gain elsewhere), and given that she was also hungry all the time, she could easily assume she was getting fat.

It’s hard to believe she didn’t recognize kicking for what it was after six months or so (the first month of kicking, for those who don’t know, feels weird, but by the end it actually moves stuff; my son knocked a teacup off my belly from underneath). We do know that Peggy is out of touch with her body in a big way (the Rejuvenator totally surprised her), but we also know she responds to sensation in a very direct and sane way.

So what happened? Is she just crazy? Is her denial sane but very thorough? Is she just totally out of touch?

Addendum: Matt Weiner addresses it in the new EW article (more on that shortly):

”People say, ‘Peggy’s so smart!’ But the truth is she’s 20 years old. She knew and denied it. She put it out of her mind.”

So, Weiner’s contention is that denial, even deep, deep denial of something huge, is not crazy. What do you all think?