(Blog note: Roberta and I wrote really similar posts at about the same time last night, so I’m splicing them together. This is our first attempt at a joint post so let’s see how it goes. —Deborah)

The lovely and talented dansj pointed out that IMDb has some Season 2 episode cast up. Not surprising, as actors often enter that info themselves nowadays. On the other hand, let’s remind everyone again, that IMDb is not totally dependable, because anyone can contribute.

Keep in mind when perusing the pages that the main cast is on the main Mad Men page, episode pages only show guests, infrequently recurring cast, as well as writers, directors, and crew. Also, there are two sections, episode cast and series cast, the latter are regulars that don’t make the main credits or aren’t on every episode, “Mail Room Boy” is a typical one. Ignore those because they’re not confirmed for any specific yet-to-air episode.

With all that said, here’s what we’ve got:

Episode 2.1
Molly Beck Ferguson … Secretary
Scott MacArthur … Jim
Jennifer Siebel … Juanita

Other than, wow is Jennifer Siebel ever gorgeous, I got nothing. (—Deborah)

Episode 2.2
Please allow me to thicken the plot.

The ‘episode credited’ cast for 2:02:

Andrew Astor Stephen Respola
John Patrick Jordan Eugene
Audrey Wasilewski Anita Olson Respola

Anita Olson Respola. That sounds an awful lot like a married sister of Peggy Olson to me. Like, a married sister who has a son who might be willing to raise yours. Andrew Astor is 8 years old (and really cute!), so that fits.

(Also, the actress was the Star Trek geek in a West Wing episode that I was just telling Deborah about and even sent her the YouTube featuring the scene just last week.)

(Oh and it would have been so cute if it was an episode of West Wing that featured Elisabeth Moss as Zoey Bartlett but no such cute luck.) (—Roberta)

Episode 2.3
Patrick Fischler … Jimmy Barrett
Melinda McGraw … Bobbie Barrett
Looks like a young couple; new neighbors? Friends of the Campbells? Patrick Fischler I’ve seen in a million things, he’s kind of creepy looking with a terrifying huge unibrow. But they could be any young professionals. (—Deborah)

And the final piece to that puzzle (based on the few puzzle pieces we have)…

Here are two more from the S2 photos.

Peggy is slender and Peggy is employed. This much we know.

More will be revealed, as they say. (—Roberta)