Don: It shouldn’t have been that close.

Cooper: But it is; it always is.

Whedonesque has been talking a lot lately about the HBO film Recount (it is written by Danny Strong, who played Jonathan, a recurring character on my beloved Buffy, the Vampire Slayer). I don’t have HBO, so I was missing the buzz. It looks amazing. It premiered this weekend. If you saw it, do tell.

Television Without Pity has a wonderful interview with Danny. His approach to this topic (the 2000 presidential election and its ridiculous results) is well worth reading about. EW also has a great article about the film.

During my initial viewing of Nixon vs. Kennedy, way back when, I couldn’t help but think of the 2000 election debacle.

Now I’m not sure how much the writers, Lisa Albert, Andre & Maria Jacquemetton, (and of course, always Weiner at the helm), intended the modern day metaphor. I can’t imagine it escaped their collective gaze, but at the same time, it seemed like they didn’t much play it up. I think that what was more important in terms of serving the show was the comparison of Nixon v Kennedy and Draper v Campbell.

Interesting. For whatever privileges were and were not bestowed on Pete, the one thing his parents gave him was his name, per Pete’s father. ‘Don’ didn’t even keep the one that was given to him; he went out and stole a better one for himself.

Bert Cooper (within the parentheses is from the production script but not in the aired version):

(If he fights it…) A recount in Illinois alone means thirty days without a president. You don’t want to win like that.