I cannot begin to imagine why this scratches such a satisfying geeky itch within me, but it does, and since this is kind of our Whedonesque crossover week anyway, now’s the time:

Actor: Mad Men role | Whedonverse role/other Whedonverse role
Vincent Kartheiser: Pete Campbell | Connor (Angel)
Christina Hendricks: Joan Hollaway | YoSafBridg (Firefly)/Irish barmaid (Angel)
Andy Umberger: Dr. Wayne | D’Hoffryn (Buffy)/Dr. Ronald Meltzer (Angel)/Dortmunder captain (Firefly)
Darby Stanchfield: Helen Bishop | Denise (Angel)
Adam Kaufman: Bob Shaw, a/c salesman | Parker (Buffy)
Mark Kelly: Dale | Reese (Angel)