So I did me a little snooping. The official AMC Mad Men blog has been awful quiet lately; probably because AMC isn’t showing as much as one episode of their gold star series in the entirety of this merry month.

I looked at June’s schedule, and saw this.

Which looks like this:

So good, at least they’re prepping. There are no episodes slated for June, which tells me that they are putting all their money (so to speak) on DVD sales (July 1st July 1st July 1st!!!) and if there is a marathon, which everyone says there will be, it will be later in July, closer to the Season Two (late July late July late July!!!).

Again, it all worries me. Because yes they are running this special several times but it’s still only running on AMC, so the chance of people stumbling on it are ‘eh’ (an official measurement standard).

Look. We’re gonna buy the DVDs. (Buy ’em now, before the price goes up.) Pretty much, everyone who writes and reads this blog. But will these ‘specials’ be enough to generate the heat that AMC needs?

People won’t want to watch mid-season. If they aren’t ‘in’ by the time Season Two premieres, then the show could get un-renewed for a third. The only way to prevent that is for them to show Season Two marathons like, all through the season. So people can get caught up in time to boost ratings for September and then November sweeps.

Look, I will speak blasphemously. I don’t see this show running for seven years. It’s not sexy enough or violent enough. I hope I’m wrong, but I see 3-4 seasons.

If AMC doesn’t wreck it.