The event we were at was called Click Critics: The Power of Fan Websites. The panel consisted of Erica Blitz of Galactica Sitrep, Kevin Croy of Lostpedia, Dan Manu of Television Without Pity, Remona Outar of Ugly is In, Damon Schmidt of Whedonesque, and Jennie Tan of OfficeTally. The moderator was Alan Sepinwall of What’s Alan Watching? and the Star-Ledger.

The Paley Center itself is trying kind of hard to figure out what this whole blogging thing is, and doesn’t quite get it, as evidenced by the fact that no urls appeared in the program for the event. But the panelists were great (and so was the moderator). They were diverse, charming, funny, and thoughtful. No one was taking him/herself all that seriously. I loved noticing how much the stereotype of the fangeek has changed; that bloggers aren’t all male (hello!), or white, or (at all) unattractive, or young.

It was enormous fun meeting other bloggers with the kind of crazy commitment that Roberta and I have, and Erica confessed she’s a fan of our site (I’m not a Galactica person, but of course I read Whedonesque every day). I am so looking forward to keeping in touch with these people, and Damon’s wife, Kara, told us a story that will be appearing on this blog soon.