Well, not entirely.

Linda Schupack, AMC’s Senior VP of Marketing, is being considered one of the “Entertainment Marketers” of 2008.

You know, the ideas were great. They talk the talk just right:

(The)… approach was applied to the show’s TV spots, which played up “Mad Men’s” frequent boozing and smoking (this was the era of the three-martini lunch, after all) and scandalous intra-office affairs as Amy Winehouse’s retro-sultry single “You Know I’m No Good” snaked along on the soundtrack. Ms. Schupack says the song perfectly summarized the show’s goal to make its period trappings modern, relatable and sexy.

“It gave people the feeling that this is not a musty, fusty period drama by any means,” she says. “It’s a very contemporary, edgy drama that also has a cheeky sensibility about itself as well.”

As we know, the problem didn’t so much lie in the campaign, but in the disappearance of it, and of the show and kind of all signs of its existence!!!