Say that five times fast.

LOGO Network, which is, I guess, MTV’s gay channel, is hosting the “NewNowNext” awards on Saturday, June 7th at 9pm. and will have streams of the show up on the following Monday.

So, obviously, the significance of this is that Mad Men has been nominated in the “Best Show You’re Not Watching” category. Which may be a stupid category, but at least it’s grammatical, unlike many of the others (seriously—”Most Guiltiest Pleasure”? Who writes this shit?).

You can vote for Mad Men here. There’s no limit to how often you can vote, so I’m all in favor of stacking the deck by voting over and over.

By the way? Whoever wrote the description should be severely beaten:

Slickfully peeling back the brillo cream sheen of the advertising business in the 50s,

Because (a) “Slickfully”? (b) That’s Bryll Cream, asshole; Brillo cream would scrub the hair right off, and (c) “50s”?