You know what’s really fun? Googling my sister.

G’head. I’ll wait.

You back? Riiight? Really cool.

The website. The published author/James Bond expert thing. The special guest panelist at fancy university symposia (but really Deb? Is that how you spell licence?) The published author/wicca expert thing. The half a Mad Man blog thing. The blog where she talks about politics and feminism and movie trivia and well, her son and her cats. Oh, did I mention the whole single mom thing? She talks to my nephew like, every single day. Same kid, every day.

She owns her own home. She deals with our whole family. She cooks things. She’s all active in the pagan community. She dates (ha! don’t we all.) She pitches tents.

She’s in fucking Wikipedia!!!

So let’s all give her a veritable basket of kisses.

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