I have a source on this, and she’s a friend of mine with an inside track, and she totally won’t give up any information until it’s like public anyway, but I wrote her last night after reading Hullabaloo’s comment. I figure, let me try again. getting. some information. out of my friend. I’ve bugged her bunches of times and she keeps blowing me off. She’s a lovely young girl, but also a little ditzy. (So like, she forgets I’m dying for information she has, she forgets she has said no to me. It’s all good.)

From my friend:

Yeah, she is a series regular on Sons of Anarchy……she’ll be back as Rachel, but I don’t know how many episodes.

Notice the number of dots in the ellipses. Ditzy. But a good girl, nonetheless. And so, here we are, chock full of scoopy insideness, right? Well, it’s something, anyway. dot dot dot dot dot dot