May 2008

There is now a Quotations page. But if you don’t want to scroll through a whole long page (that will undoubtedly get longer), you can use the Episode List to get straight to the quotes from a particular episode.


(in case you are super spoiler conscious…)

For Those Who Think Young.

According to Spoiler TV.

And okay, let’s not obsess and go at it like hawks. Let’s just enjoy it! it’s beautiful.

And speaking of obsessing, enjoying, and beautiful…

I call it, My New Wallpaper.

(And I mean, in my bathroom, not on my desktop.)

Not if she could help it.

Awhile ago we got into a feisty discussion about Rachel’s reaction to Don wanting to run away in NvK.

(And lately we’ve been so filled up with news and scoops. But we still love talking about the show!)

No. Something happened and, I want to go and I want you to come with me and I don’t want to come back.

What happened?

What does it matter, isn’t this what you want?…

…You want your children to go on without a father? You know how that felt.

Are you having an attack of conscience after all this?

No. I’m watching you talk because I feel I don’t know you.

You know more about me than anyone.

You won’t even tell me what happened.

And so I think this is where it begins.

In Don’s partial defense, I don’t think that he can physically speak the words (the answer to ‘what happened’.) But I think that his anger at Rachel serves to seal this window shut; I believe that Don doesn’t tell Rachel what happened. Ever. Regardless of how this scene turns out. They run off to Buenos Aires? She still never finds out why. (more…)

The United Kingdom gets season two of Mad Men. Lucky them!

USA Today has an article about season 2, with more juicy Weiner quotes. Reading this interview, some of it echoes Entertainment Weekly so strongly that I suspect Bill Keveney was in the same room for the same interview with EW, but pulled different quotes.

“The world has changed a little bit, but the stories will involve two things: One is that you have to live with the consequences of your actions, and (the other is) people don’t change,” [Weiner] says. Viewers “will be seeing their old friends, but they will have new problems.”

(Tip of the hat for ProgGrrl, who saw it first.) has a full five pages of Mad Men coverage, including five hot pictures (the cover, a posed backyard shot that I find kind of annoying because it’s so posey, 2 of the ones that we were all scoopy with, and one from the same series, with Betty in that plaid dress, that I hadn’t seen before).

There’s juicy stuff here. Sterling Cooper is working on an airline campaign when a deadly plane crash out of Idlewild (the original name of Kennedy Airport), throws them into a panic. Based on the description, the date appears to be March 1, 1962.

Apparently, we’re not done with the secret identity storyline:

”Here’s the issue: Don Draper’s doing great. Dick Whitman, not so,” Weiner explains. ”And we shouldn’t stop worrying about Don being discovered. His wife doesn’t know. Will she find out? Does it matter? There’s also this whole chunk of his life that we don’t know about.”


Roberta and I have been discussing this. (And hello, that means that the blog is not enough for us, we also talk about Mad Men.)

If you read a news story about a woman who didn’t know she was pregnant, maybe gives birth in a restroom somewhere, you think “psychotic break.” (Or maybe just “woo-woo nutbag.”) And the thing I’ve really disliked about this storyline is that I like Peggy; I even admire her. She’s fighting to become more than she is; “something she hasn’t seen.” She asks for the raise; asks awkwardly, but asks. She’s wrong about the radio voices, but handles it and moves forward. She doesn’t let Pete walk all over her. She’s intelligent and kind of fierce. (more…)

Roberta can’t stand it. She wants them all posted.

This one is obviously the same day as the Francine picture (same outfit).

This one also appears to be from the same scene.


Okay, I’m going to just post all of them, I really am, but this one just tickled me pink. I had to do the coy thing and hide it under a Read More link. Just had to.


Oh No They Didn’t has the sexy sexy photo.

Than before!

Color me confirmed. It is set for Sunday, July 27th at 10pm eastern.

Sunday, July 20th, is the marathon.

Oh, AMC announced as well. And look! They’ve got a picture up too.

(Thanks, ProgGrrl!)

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