Yeah I was working on this. Even had a cute title, “the Boys of Sommer”. So now I must rethink and rewrite.

Okay, I’m better now. Here we go.

Rich Sommer (aka Harry Crane) has, as my sister has mentioned, a really cute blog. He posted today on several topics, among them, his excitement to be shooting Season Two, and the nerdfest that is he, Aaron Staton (Ken Cosgrove) and Bryan Batt (Salvatore).

From ze post:

Also, at work the other day, Bryan schooled Aaron and me at No Thanks!. I exacted my revenge via a rousing game of Loco!. I will make game nerds of them all. And maybe we will play games whose names don’t end in exclamation points.

And uh, btw, you guys know he reads BoK, right? The occasional comment can be found. (So Rich, would it kill you to add us to your blogroll?)