Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

The Hollywood Reporter interviews David Chase about creating the Sopranos and receiving the Paddy Chayesfsky Laurel Award for Television, and Chase takes a moment to praise our favorite show.

By and large, I still find TV to be a franchise-ridden bog. I still see a lot of policemen and lawyers and judges and sheriffs. There still seems to be a very intense interest in institutions and not as much interest in the existential situation of being alive. (AMC’s) “Mad Men” is a departure from that. It’s about one of the basics of life in this country, which is desire and consumption. And I feel the same way about “The Sopranos.” Here in the U.S., where the business of America is business, I feel like “The Sopranos” was the only show that ever dealt almost all the time with money.


Hat tip to our own Hullabaloo, who pointed out an EOnline scoop that we can all get excited about. Watch With Kristen says:

Sexy Joan has an honest-to-goodness boyfriend this season. As for the launch date of season two, we only know it’s sometime in July 2008. However, I can tell you that, just as the story of season one ended on a holiday (Thanksgiving), season two begins on another nonreligious holiday. Guesses?

First guess is Dan’s, who thinks it must be Valentine’s Day, and damn, I gotta say, it’s the perfect answer. Matthew Weiner said February or March, and in the realm of non-religious holidays that leaves Valentine’s Day, President’s Day (yawn), and Mardi Gras (which is religious but not really celebrated that way). Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to give us an update on everyone’s relationship status. Like, Don and Betty, Francine and Carlton, Peggy and Junior, Pete and Trudy, Roger and Mona, Margaret and Wristcutters Anonymous, Carol and Salvatore.