(…that this has nothing to do with Mad Men. I just don’t.)

We have this really cute nephew. I mean, we have several, and nieces too, and Deborah has this charming son (who just got accepted into a damn fine school) but that’s not what I’m posting about.

I am posting photos of Benjamin (CUTEST MAN ALIVE), from a month-ish or so ago. I really need some new ones, but this is it. He turned two this week, and tomorrow is his party, and you can always check Roberta’s Voice for the occasional nephblog, but in the meantime, Enjoy! (or, Suffer!)

Ben swings.

Ben swings.

Benjamin is cute.

Ben plays the 'cute' card.

Ben really swings.

Ben swings again.

The ladies love Ben.

The ladies love Benjamin.

And Benjamin loves the ladies.

And Benjamin love the ladies.

(We now return to our regularly scheduled program.)