Here’s another article on this fascinating new advertising scheme for Mad Men. Okay, do I understand the nuances? No. Fortunately I’m a writer, not an advertising professional.

Here’s what I do understand: BMW will be “an exclusive premiere sponsor and series partner for season two of Mad Men.”

BMW will participate in the Mad-vertising, which I think is the stuff that Roberta likes so much; the conversational/factual bits about products and product advertising that precedes the regular commercials.

In addition, BMW will support a variety of network programming specials leading up to the new season, including a “Mad Men” season one marathon, and a special half-hour “Mad Men” documentary. BMW will also sponsor two additional episodes during the show’s second season.

I’m not sure I understand the “two additional episodes” thing. Does it mean the season will be two episodes longer? Does it mean two episodes besides the premiere will be BMW exclusives? Color me confused.

But I guess it’s pretty cool. And as we’ve said before, we want this show to suceed like crazy, because otherwise, there goes our hobby.