Advertising and television insiders are buzzing about AMC’s new advertising deal, which, frankly, I barely understand.

AMC has said it will guarantee a portion of its upfront deals based on two new metrics designed to measure viewer receptiveness to behavioral-targeted spots.

Charlie Collier, AMC general manager and executive vp, said the central premise behind the first metric is to try to bring to TV the sort of precise behavioral targeting that powers the most effective Web advertising. Developed in conjunction with The Nielsen Co. (Mediaweek’s parent), the Audience Identity Metric “assesses correlations between genre and behavior,” Collier said. “Say you’re a financial services client, looking to reach men 25-54 who also happen to use the Internet as a primary source for financial information. AIM helps us generate a list of the films that the target is most likely to watch.”

Based on these inferences, AMC can then follow through by developing customized packages that will effectively deliver the most receptive audience for its advertisers.

It’s really interesting, if less fun to read than, say, a minute dissection of Don’s personality. I suggest you read the whole article.