Here is a comment we just received from someone going only as “Someone Who Knows”:

Season two will open with a long segment at Sterling Cooper, and is being written to grab first-time viewers who will be checking out the series after all the pre-Season Two buzz, while still delivering upon the expectations of returning fans. A machine-gun paced segment at an advertising agency at the top of its game, it’s full of the crackling dialogue, hints of key dramatic plot points, and has one tremendous laugh. Everyone will be blown away. Peggy is there, don’t worry!

Now, in truth, the game we’ve been playing is fun and we can keep on playing, but I know TV. And what “Someone” has described is exactly how a Season Two opener of a ‘best show no one’s watching’ needs to be constructed. We will meet each key player, in a way that will both open our (the loyal viewers’) eyes to where they are now, and catch the new viewers up on who they are and why they are important.

Most brilliant catch-up-its-viewers season opener ever: West Wing, two-parter following Rosyln. (So far!)

(Thanks, Someone!)

Update: Deborah here. I have been able to check out “Someone Who Knows” and, while I will not violate this person’s choice of anonymity, I can confirm that this is, indeed, someone who knows, and this is a legit scoop. I am tingling with scoopy excitement.