By Eric Goldman at IGN. Mostly stuff we already knew, but here’s a cool quote:

Weiner recalled talking to an angry man who works in advertising about some of the characters on the show mocking a real life Volkswagen ad, because he felt it truly was an important and memorable advertisement. Said Weiner, “I understand the thrill of that, but I think it’s fascinating that this firm is just on the wrong side of things.” Slattery said he felt the show was “about what people want, not what they get. All these people on this office are aspiring for something and not getting it.”

Couple of great quotes about Peggy:

    Matt Weiner, asked about her future: “I don’t predict good things for anybody out here, I’ve got to be honest with you.”

    Elisabeth Moss: “[Peggy] is capable of an incredible amount of hope and belief in something, whether it’s love or Don or advertising or that she’s not pregnant.”

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