In Shoot, Jim Hobart says: “Can you imagine the lifestyle that goes with handling Pan Am? It’s a panty dropper.”

What’s beautiful about that is that it’s not an anachronism, and it would be painfully easy to use the word “lifestyle” anachronistically. “Lifestyle” has been around since 1929, but when I was a child it was used to describe, well, your style of life. How much money you had, your marital status, whether you lived in the city or the suburbs, that sort of thing. From there it shifted into life choices; ultimately getting attached to subculture and community. The Religious Right refers to a “gay lifestyle” but you might also say a “religous lifestyle” or a “Green lifestyle” or whatever.

It’s got to be pretty tricky to write the script with a word like that, which has changed in subtle ways. So this is by way of kudos.