That’s a fun title if you like typing “oo.” Which I don’t particularly.

Roberta just reminded us of her long, interesting post about discussing Shoot with Matt Weiner.

Roberta said:

Often [Matt Weiner]…gets a visual and works from there. So at some point he saw Betty in a pose with a golden retriever, and holding a green bottle. His plan was to use Heineken, but they didn’t want in (or, their lawyers didn’t). Coke was a great fit, because they were an actual client of McCann-Erickson, the agency that was wooing Don in Shoot.

Now, as we know, Coke has brown/black bottles (clear pale green bottles with Coke-colored liquid, actually; creating a black/brown NOT GREEN effect).

In Shoot, Jim Hobart of McCann-Erickson starts seducing Betty for the Coke campaign, comparing her to Grace Kelly, and saying:

Your coloring with a green bottle and an Irish setter…

Except hello! Coke. Not. Green. So presumably that line was written when it was going to be Heineken, and then never fixed.

I love catching stuff like that.