EOnline’s Watch With Kristin has an interview and video up all about Mad Men (which I totally stole from Rich Sommer).

The video is a lot of fun joking around with Jon Hamm and Rich Sommer and everyone else, and the entire Matt Weiner segment is transcribed.

E: Second season—what can you tell me?
Matt Weiner: Nothing.

E: Do you have it totally mapped out at this point?
MW: Pretty much mapped out, you know, we’re starting to write them. I have it pretty much mapped out. We have a plan that we try not to deviate from. Of course, things come up, and you hire an actor for a tiny part and they’re amazing, and you start developing them into it. Certainly Rich Sommer, and Aaron Staton, and Michael Gladis, they were like the Greek chorus, and then once I started working with them I’m like, “These guys, they have to be a big part of the show.” So things like that are an amazing experience. All I can tell you is that it will continue. Just from working on The Sopranos, I think the less people know the better. I love for people to come in and say, “I have no idea what’s going to happen.”

E: Do you know at this point when the second season might start?
MW: When it will go on the air? No, I don’t. I assume it’s going to be before the end of the summer. That’s what our plan is, but we don’t have a date. We don’t know those things. Whenever they want to put it on, I’m ready for it. We’re just going to start shooting very soon—we’ve been writing, and it’s been great to get back into it.

There’s also a poll asking people what they think will happen to Peggy’s baby. More than half think she’ll give it up for adoption, but I don’t think so.