Hullabaloo pointed this out in comments. US Chess Federation interviews chess geek Michael Gladis, who plays Mad Men’s Paul Kinsey. It’s an enjoyable interview:

Carl Aridsas (CA): What similarities do you see in acting vs chess?
Michael Gladis (MG): They’ll both drive you nuts if you’re not careful.

CA: What has your favorite role been?
MG: I’ve had a bunch. On camera I’m prouder of Mad Men than of everything else I’ve done put together. On stage: My first play in NY was the title character in Brecht’s “Baal”. Loved that show. I like the character I’m playing now very much. It’s called “The Main(e) Play” by Chad Beckim.

CA: How did you get selected to play Paul Kinsey in “Mad Men”?
MG: I’d like to think that Matt Weiner just knew I’d be good. At least, that’s what he told me the other night, and I’m inclined to believe him. I think my resemblance to a young Orson Welles helped a bit. As I recall, we talked about that at some length in the audition.

CA: What are your goals as an actor?
MG: Quality. I have no desire to cater to the dilitantes who champion the superficial in Hollywood. I’m banging my shoe on the desk with my right hand as I type with my left. Mad Men is a quality show. It says something, and it says it with style and wit and grace… and most importantly, the people who create it are genuine, intelligent, passionate, good people. I want to make great films and theater. And to collaborate with incredible artists. Easy.

CA: How does it feel to walk into a chess tournament and know you’re the best looking man in the room?
MG: Wha? ask that guy over there… I’m a character actor. Not so pretty.

CA: For our female readers – are you available?
MG: Yup. And I’ve always been fond of the image of an old, retired Vladamir Nabokov and his wife sitting by the side of a lake playing chess everyday.